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About Us

If this is your first visit to, welcome. Our mission is to help you find the best mortgage possible - quickly, easily, and objectively.

Here is What We Do

We provide free, online tools to help you evaluate mortgage options. These tools include the following:

  • Mortgage tutorial. The tutorial takes the mystery out of mortgage shopping. It shows you how to make an informed mortgage decision. A small investment of your time - working through the tutorial - could pay big dividends (thousands of dollars in savings) when you purchase a mortgage loan. > Learn more

  • Mortgage calculators. To make an informed buying decision, you have to know the true cost of the mortgage you are considering. To determine that cost, you need to do some analysis. Our free calculator does the analysis for you - quickly, easily, and accurately. > Learn more

  • Mortgage case studies. The case studies show how to answer common mortgage questions. What is the total cost of the mortgage? Should I buy discount points? How many points? Should I refinance? How much can I save by making prepayments? Etc. > Learn more

We present everything clearly in plain English. If you find an unfamiliar term, visit our online Mortgage Dictionary. All of the financial terms used on this site are defined in the dictionary.

Here is What We Don't Do

We don't charge you for our services. We don't dazzle you with technical jargon. We don't steer you to a particular mortgage institution or lender. And we don't advocate a particular type of mortgage (e.g., fixed-rate loans versus adjustable-rate loans).

When it comes to mortgage loans, you have a world of choices. And wading through those choices to find the right mortgage can be daunting. We provide some guidance and some tools to help you explore the choices that you have. We don't doubt that you are up to the challenge.