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How to Find the Best Home Mortgage

This website provides training and tools to help you make a money-smart mortgage decision. Everything on the site is free. The only investment is your time.

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Mortgage Tutorial

Your best defense against a costly mortgage decision is knowledge. Our free mortgage tutorial explains what to look for and what to avoid.

  • Understand mortgage costs, at closing and over the life of the loan.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of different types of mortgages.
  • Make the best deal possible when you negotiate with lenders.
  • Recognize shady practices that cost you money.

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Mortgage Calculators

Assess short- and long-term implications of different mortgage options. Know what you're getting into before you're into it.

  • Monthly mortgage payment
  • Lifetime mortgage cost
  • Compare two mortgages
  • Analyze prepayment strategies
  • Assess refinancing costs and benefits

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Mortgage Case Studies

Case studies show how to answer common mortgage questions. Read these step-by-step instructions for addressing real-world mortgage issues.

  • Which mortgage is best?
  • How many points should I buy?
  • Should I lock in the current interest rate?
  • What size down payment makes sense?
  • Should I refinance?

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